[Release Blitz, Giveaway & Book Reviews]: Boston Underworld: The Collection by A. Zavarelli

Title: Boston Underworld: The Collection

Author: A. Zavarelli

Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance

Release Date: February 28, 2019

Model: Jonny James

Cover Designer: Coverluv Designs

The complete Boston Underworld series box set includes six full-length novels- CROW, REAPER, GHOST, SAINT, THIEF, CONOR.


He’s a killer. A mobster.

The last man on earth I’d ever want to be with. He’s one of the only leads in my best friend’s disappearance, and I don’t trust him.

So I’ve got a few rules in mind when it comes to dealing with Lachlan Crow.

1.Keep a clear head and don’t get distracted. 

2.Do what’s necessary and never forget why you’re there. 

3.Never, and I mean never, fall for him. 


He’s dark and mysterious. Quiet and lethal. 

An Irish mobster. 

Pure sin wrapped up in a beautiful package. 

But there’s also something off about him. 

He hasn’t spoken to me in two years. Not a single word. 

But we share a secret, he and I. 

And if it ever comes out, I have no doubt in my mind…

He won’t have a problem killing me too. 


I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away.

Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged. 

Nothing scares me anymore. 

Until him.


Revenge is a dish best served in stilettos. I’ve got an eye for it, and nothing’s going to stand in my way. Not even Rory ‘The Saint’ Brodrick.

He’s a fool if he thinks he can change me. By the time I’m through with him, I’ll make his mafia look like child’s play.

Cross me, Mr. Brodrick?

You better cross your heart and hope to die. 


He’s Russian mafiya. A thief. A skilled liar with no moral boundaries. He is everything I have been taught to hate. A man who stands for nothing. A man who takes what he wants without a second thought.

And what he wanted was me. 


Conor O’ Callahan was exactly the kind of danger I was trying to avoid. He was gorgeous as sin with an accent hotter than Hades, but that’s where the charm ended. He was also cynical, cold, and downright cranky.

So, you could imagine my surprise when he gave me a proposition. Marry him or lose my life.

A. Zavarelli is a book junkie, cat lover, and traveler when plagued by intense cases of wanderlust. She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her characters through hell. 

Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and twisted documentaries in her spare time.

She is slightly obsessed with Theo James and funny animal memes. If you don’t mind these things, you should add her on facebook.


This is a wonderful look into the Irish Underworld. A. Zavarelli has done a fantastic job bringing us the stories behind all the men in this mafia series.

This is my first book by A. Zavarelli and it wont be the last!!! Holy Hotness, someone please spray me with some Irish cool me down!!! 
Lachlan, the uber bad ass mafia man…
Mack, the awesome friend, bad ass, take no crap from anyone…

Mack’s best friend Talia has gone missing… What’s a best friend to do? Go undercover as an individual at the bar she last worked at…hoping to talk to some of the other dancers to get the inside scoop. What happens though, after a super HOT audition, she starts to feel, she has desires, she realizes what it is that is missing in her life….

Can these 2 survive when everything seems to be going against them? 

Absolutely a PAGE Turner!!!! Cant wait to dive into book 2. Although this book can be read as a standalone, why would you want to stop.

Ronan aka Reaper is one tough mafia man. This book told us how a killer is created and what a story it is. At just 8 years old, Ronan was being trained to become a killer in a man’s body. This man who now is grown up and trying to survive in the only world he knows…the mafia family that is his only true family. 
This story is one full of angst, dark elements, torture, family, love and last but not least…a freaking CORGI!!! 

Loved this book and definitely look forward to reading more!!!

I remember picking up Crow by a new to me author and saying gosh that was good, then I read Reaper and said this was really good…Now I’ve read Ghost and OMG, it was Outstanding!!! Flowed Perfectly, twist and turns, revenge, raw, gritty and exceptionally written. A. Zavarelli is a author who has made it to my no questions asked, one click her book. 

This is a page turning book about Talia and Alexei. Both with extremely bad childhood stories and both who are still suffering after all these years. Talia from her being trained, sold and treated like a animal. Alexi, hiding behind his secret and a father who never has wanted him as a son… 

This book will have you hooked from the beginning to the end!

The bigger the man, the bigger the ego. Or is it the bigger the bank account, the bigger the ego? 

Scarlett is seeking revenge and will stop at nothing till it is found. She has built a wall around her heart and has no feelings towards anyone. No friend, no boyfriend, nobody…. Why is it then that The Saint, keeps messing up her plans?

Rory he just can’t get her out of his head…Satan herself has gone and left an impression with him that he can’t let go… He will stop at nothing to help this messed up girl. His ‘family’ has warned him but there is no stopping the way he feels for Satan. 

Absolutely love the way that Ashleigh Zavarelli has brought this family to us in The Boston Underworld Series. Each book is about the same ‘family’ but totally different. Showing us that each member deserves to have his story told! This one is no different, page turner from the get go. 
The finale of the Boston Underworld Series, a series that A. Zavarelli nailed! This is the story of Nikolai and Tanaka, the Russian Mafia man and the Ballerina. 

Once the Ballerina is in his possession, the tables turn. 

While Nikolai a Russian, it’s in the Vory beliefs he must marry a Russian. But this Italian Mafia princess is making Nikolai question his beliefs.

There are reasons behind Nikolai obtaining Tanaka and building a relationship with her is not in the books. This is not a typical romance story. 

As the story unfolds and we find out who is behind the ballerina’s fall, we see that those who supposedly love us the most, are the ones creating the most damage. The ones who make mothers disappear from their young children are the ones who we’ve trusted our entire life. 

Full of twists and turns, this story was a good ending to a great series!

The Boston Underworld series by A. Zavarelli is my favorite by this author. When I saw that Conor was getting his own book, I was super stoked!!! 

Conor has proven himself time and time again within the family. But when he finally gets asked to do a job by himself…he couldn’t believe it! Finally a chance to really prove my loyalty to the family that took me in.

Ivy is hoping this last chance job at the strip club will allow herself to start making money and finally get out of Boston. For her, the time she has been there have been anything but happy. One good thing has come out of the bad. But will she be able to make enough to save the one good thing in time?

It was great reading about the men in the previous books! I really enjoyed this story. The perfect ending to a great series.


Zavarelli spins the tale like an old folklore , who started what gang, who begets who and I’m just standing and staring wide eyed as the events unfold right in front of me. Brutally Raw story of Underground world where Italians , Russia and the Irish divide Boston like a pie , dividing territories, trading traitors, inter marrying for alliances and planting Trolls.
The book gripped me from the word go and it’s kept me engrossed throughout . I couldn’t look away , even for a second. after a long time , a true Gritty , Bloody , action packed Mafia story to sink my teeth in has come in my hands.
It’s a perfectly written story from start to end, with just the right dosage of drama, angst, steam and danger to make it a churning pot-boiler. Ash has perfected the Irish Crew with one damaged character after another who are sadistic and ruthless when punishing and tender and protective when loving.
These men know how to belong and own with the same ferocity and loyalty
“Welcome to the club Slainté. Ye best get used to it.”

[Cover Reveal & Giveaway ]: The Missing Ingredient by Marika Ray

Title: The Missing Ingredient

Series: Reality of Love Book One

Author: Marika Ray

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: March 21, 2019

Cover Design: Laura Halloran

Special PreOrder Price




Elle Fierro

All I have to do is appear as a judge on this cooking show in Hollywood and my restaurant will open to rave reviews. Pretty much my lifelong dream. What I absolutely shouldn’t do is sleep with one of the contestants and ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for. But he gives good hugs, makes me laugh, fills out a simple T-shirt like nobody’s business, and is sweeter than the maple syrup he dripped all over my naked body last night…



Austin Cox

I may have been drunk when I applied to be on that reality cooking show, which is why it’s hard to believe I’m here. What’s even harder to believe is that Elle, with her painted red lips and fiery disposition, is in my bed and making me forget I need to win this damn show to get my little sister out of the foster care system.



When Elle throws me under the bus to realize her dream, will our love burn out or will we find the missing ingredient to happiness?




Marika Ray spends her time behind a computer crafting stories, walking the beaches of southern California, and making healthy food for her kids and husband whether they like it or not. Prior to writing novels, Marika held various jobs in the finance industry, with private start-up companies, and then in health & fitness. Cats may have nine lives, but Marika believes everyone should have nine careers to keep things spicy.

Marika enjoys writing all types of fiction novels, based on what inspires her. Right now she’s working on a new steamy RomCom series along with sweet romances to make your heart explode. All her books come with a money-back guarantee that you’ll smile at least once with every book.

More information can be found at www.marikaray.com




[Release Blitz & Giveaway]: Anguished by TL Smith

Title: Anguished

Series: Crimson Elite #2

Author: T.L. Smith

Genre: Romance (standalone)

Release Date: February 19, 2019



It wasn’t meant to be this way—she shouldn’t have fallen for my brother and left me for him. But she did. And now I’m left to pick up the pieces of my shattered, broken heart. And to top it off, they want me to come to their wedding. Do they think I’m a pushover? Do they think of me as a joke?


The old saying stands true, ‘why have enemies when you can have family.’




I understand it now, better than I ever have in my life.



There’s one unexpected surprise though, Storm. She blew in just like one and makes the pain diminish. She’s exactly as her name describes her—she is a storm. A beautiful and powerful one.

But not all things are meant to last. Like a storm that wreaks havoc, some things cause anguish, and in my life she may very well be one of them.






[COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY] – Beauty in the Broken by Charmaine Pauls



Title: Beauty in the Broken
Author: Charmaine Pauls
Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Design: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

Release Date: May 14, 2019


Six years
ago, Harold Dalton framed me for theft and sent me to jail to steal my diamond
discovery. He gave his daughter to Jack Clarke in exchange for the excavation
rights. Today, I’m free, and I’m coming for him with a vengeance. Six years of
cruelty make beasts out of men. I’m going to take back what he stole from me,
and more. I’m not interested in his properties or shares. I don’t want his
small change. I want his biggest asset. Beautiful, mentally unstable, Angelina
billions, she’s the wealthiest widow in the country, and also the craziest. Her
self-harming tendencies had Jack declare her incompetent before he put a gun to
his head and blew out his brains. Lina isn’t allowed to touch a cent of her
riches. Her father manages her finances. He has all the signing power. As her
husband, that chore will fall to me. But if she thinks I only want her for her
money, she’s sadly mistaken.

Pre-order Links
Author Bio
Charmaine Pauls was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She obtained
a degree in Communication at the University of Potchestroom, and followed a
diverse career path in journalism, public relations, advertising,
communications, photography, graphic design, and brand marketing. Her writing
has always been an integral part of her professions.
After relocating to Chile with her French husband, she fulfilled her passion to
write creatively full-time. Charmaine has published nine novels since 2011, as
well as several short stories and articles. Two of her shorts have been
selected by the International Literary Society for an anthology from across the
African continent.

When she is not writing, she likes to travel, read, and rescue cats. Charmaine
currently lives in France with her husband and children. Their household is a
linguistic mélange of Afrikaans, English, French and Spanish.

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[COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY] – Twisted Tales of Mayhem Anthology



Title: Twisted Tales of Mayhem – 

A Motorcycles, Madness and Mayhem 2019

Special Edition Anthology

Authors: Various


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: CT Cover Creations

Photo & Model: Darrin Burks

Release Date: March 18, 2019
About the Anthology
Net proceeds raised by the MMM19 anthology will be donated to the
Patriot Guard Riders.
They’re a diverse group of riders from across the nation. They have an
unwavering respect 
for America’s heroes including fallen military members, first
responders, and honorably discharged Veterans. Their mission is to
attend funeral services to show respect to the hero, as well as
shield the mourning family from interruptions.
Please join us in supporting this selfless nonprofit organization of
volunteers who do so much for our real life American heroes.


Pre-order Links
$3.99 for a limited time!!
Paperbacks to be collected at MMM19
Contributing Authors
Sapphire Knight
When it comes to his club and his woman, he’s a savage.
Always has been, always will be.
Piper Davenport
When the beloved Sargent at Arms for the Dogs of Fire MC
finds himself falsely incarcerated, his woman must move heaven and earth to
release him, while holding back a pack of ravenous bikers whose bite is worse
than their bark.
Ryan Michele
Cooper and Bristyl are tying the knot. With the Ravage MC in
attendance, what could go wrong?
Esther E. Schmidt
Have you ever disassembled a ticking bomb? I have. Steady as
fuck hand, the longest last breath, and the will to live. There’s nothing I
can’t do and I have to admit, with all my brothers claiming an Old Lady, I’ve
been craving to claim one. Circumstances aside, I never in a million years
thought it would be Paisley.
MariaLisa deMora
Amanda lost her husband to war. Alex lost part of himself.
Together, they’ll discover hope and peace can be found in the most unexpected
of places.
Colbie Kay
I’ve never been a man to follow rules, but one night I went
too far, crossing lines that should have never been touched. I’m about to break
the rules again, but this time I’m ready to make her mine. Only one problem
stands in my way, she’s getting married in one week.
K E Osborn
Doing deals in a hotel room seemed like the safe option. No
outside eyes, no mess, no damn fuss. What I didn’t count on was being
blindsided by a feisty maid who ended up seeing far too much. Now she’s a
problem – my problem. But maybe that problem will surprise me in a way I never
saw coming.
Jack Davenport
Home from a war my country hated me for, I’m looking for my
place in the world, managing to find myself in jail instead. But when a vision
of perfection walks up the jailhouse steps, I’m lost. Now I just have to
convince her to get lost with me.
Lilly Atlas
With his shiny new patch and legacy blood, Viper’s life is
dedicated to one day becoming president of the Devil’s Tribe MC. One look at
the beautiful and terrified Cassandra has him questioning everything his club
stands for. Never had loyalty to his club taken a back seat, but how could he
ignore the pleading in those green eyes?
Kathleen Kelly
The Harbingers of Death MC have wronged me. They don’t know
it yet, but I’m coming for them. They will all pay. For she will be avenged.
Harley Stone
When a near-death experience brings a sexy Latino biker into
her life, Jessica will be tempted to throw her cautious nature to the wind.
Will Spade’s charm and panty-melting smile be enough to make this good girl go
Vera Quinn
Two people on different paths when their world’s collide.
One by chance and the other by plan. No promises made but even the best of
plans can unravel over time.
Shelly Morgan
Gemma DelBene is the daughter of the most infamous mafia
Crime Lord and sister to the next in line. But what happens when her mother and
brother are brutally murdered and her family is left without an heir?
Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Demetri- Ruthless ruler of the Volkov empire. If you’re not
with me your against me. I give no second chances. Glory Keller- she’s feisty,
independent, sexy and I’m going to make her mine. Thirsty for power, someone
crosses the line, threatening to take her and my empire away from me. Now, I’m
out for blood. No use in hiding from the devil himself- I will find you.
Daphne Loveling
When a mysterious biker starts hanging out in the bar where
Samantha works nights, she thinks he’s just interested in a one night stand.
What she doesn’t know is that she’s been placed under Crow’s protection… and
he’s about to risk his own life to keep her safe.
Jaime Russell
Justice needs to be served. But whose way; his or hers?
Ginger Ring
You know you’re having a bad day when the man hired to keep
an eye on you is one that makes people disappear. Permanently.
Morgan Jane Mitchell
When Onyx O’Connor’s father dumps her in their old home
town, a tattooed, bad boy takes an interest. Discovering he’s not who he seems,
she finds out, neither is she
Kailee Reese Samuels
Keep your secrets simple and your lies dirty.
Angie M Brashears
In a world where love is a ghost story, no one is safe. Not
even familia. Peligro.
K.A. Ware
Biker bitch royalty, strippers, a club whore, and a
bachelorette party…what could go wrong?
Xavier Neal
What happens when Lion accidentally finds his Lioness?
Amy Davies
Reckless Angels MC are my life. I work hard and play hard
and can have any woman I want, but there’s only one woman for me. Why do I push
her away when all I want to do is to pull her close to me and never let go?
It’s time I work hard to get my own angel.
Kristine Allen
I’m the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don’t do beach
hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don’t obsess over
the chick afterward. But that’s exactly what I did.
Crimson Syn
Hate simmers between the Hellbound Lovers and the Devil’s
Syndicate. But when love and jealousy collide, decisions will be made, and
there’s no saying who might get burned.
Teagan Brooks
When the girl who broke his heart years ago shows up at the
Blackwings MC clubhouse for the president’s daughter’s wedding, Badger, the VP,
is not only shocked, he is pissed. But a few words from his best friend’s wife
leaves him with more questions than answers. And Badger never lets anything go
Linny Lawless
Torque, the owner of Hardcore Cycles is only focused on one
thing, the V-twin engines that come into his shop. There’s no time for women or
love, that is until Ronnie, a raven-haired beauty comes into his sights. When
the biker beauty needs help, Torque’s primal instincts kick in, and there’s no
stopping him when it comes to protecting the woman he loves.


[Release Blitz & Giveaway]: The Right Man by Michelle Mankin

Title: The Right Man

Author: Michelle Mankin

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 14, 2019

Cover Design: Michelle Preast at IndieBookCovers

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Florian Tarpinian



“An OMGGGGG!!! BEST book! 💗💗💗 You will fall head over heels for the tough as nails but sweet as a peach pie Jewel!! Of course you’re going to die for Rush (who wouldn’t love the front man of band). I promise you this magical book will pull you in to a real life fairy tale with some angst and heartbreak and piece you right back together!!!!”–Kim Box Person, Advance Reviewer



A pretty woman and a handsome rock star.





A modern retelling of Cinderella by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin.



A once upon a time with a hooker who used to be a good girl and a bad boy lead singer living a lie.



Two lost and lonely souls and a chance encounter on a dark street corner in LA.



Is it happenstance, fate or a fairy tale?



Can a hookup for cash become a happily ever after?





Michelle Mankin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Records series of novels. 



Rock stars and romance. Love and lyrical ever afters.


Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a BRUTAL STRENGTH centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock ‘n roll industry. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XK96K52/ 



Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the TEMPEST series. These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077GWTK7C/ 



Rock stars, myths, and legends collide with paranormal romance in a totally mesmerizing way in the MAGIC series. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074FYWP11/ 



Catch the perfect wave with irresistible surfers in the ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079DX5NHN/ 



Romance and self-discovery, the FINDING ME series is a Tempest spin off with a more experienced but familiar cast of characters. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072F7QDLZ/ 



Exploring the sexual double standards for women, the ROCK F*CK CLUB series is a girl-power fueled reality show series with rock stars. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GJKGCLZ/ 



When Michelle is not prowling the streets of her Texas town listening to her rock or NOLA funk music much too loud, she is putting her daydreams down on paper or traveling the world with her family and friends, sometimes for real, and sometimes just for pretend.


Love Rock’ollection: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P9KD71A

TEMPEST series (also available in audio):

Irresistible Refrain: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FLG5KPS

Enticing Interlude: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I7LGQOI 

The MAGIC series (also available in audio):

Twisted Magic

ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series (also available in audio): 

High Tide

Island Side

FINDING ME series (also available in audio):


Rock F*ck Club series (also available in audio): 



Rock F*ck Club #2, A Postseason One Novella, Book 2: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G6P6B23/ 

Rock F*ck Club #3, Book 3: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GDVDW6Y/ 



I love rock star romance readers. Stay connected.



For cover reveal and release alerts: Text ROCK BOOK to 345345



For release alerts, follow Michelle Mankin on Bookbub:https://www.bookbub.com/authors/michelle-mankin


[Release Blitz & Giveaway] FINDING MARNIE by MV Ellis


Author: MV Ellis

Title: Finding Marnie

Genre: Rock Star Romance

Series: Heartless Few, book 4

Release Date: February 12th, 2019

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Cover Designer: Claire Smith

 On sale for half price! 

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU

He is everything I want but know I can never have.


Every fiber of my being has ached for Luke from the very first moment we met. However, with my parents’ legacy of toxic obsession woven into my DNA, I know love is pain and should be avoided at all costs. I’m unloved and unlovable. Still, in moments of weakness, I allow myself to imagine what it would be like if I was the kind of woman who deserved the love of a man like him.


She is hiding in plain sight, waiting for me to find her.


Marnie has had my heart from day one, and always will. It’s just a shame I couldn’t muster the words to tell her so when we first locked eyes. It’s a failing I will live to regret for years to come. However, I’m determined to make things right, even if it takes me a lifetime. I need her to know she is enough. In fact, she is more than that. She is everything.

 On sale for half price! 

Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2R99Jqj



 Heartless Few Series 

Available on


Catching London

(Book 1)

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU

Cold, Hard, & Heartless

(Book 2)

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU

Pushing Arlo

(Book 3)

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU


MV ELLIS knows what it’s like to fall head over heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.


Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and she’s still smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has toured internationally as a “WAG,” and her experiences inspire her writing.

Ellis’s love of romance began when she was 11 years old, after a summer spent secretly reading her auntie’s books. She’s been a sucker for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.


An avid reader, Ellis always knew she’d write a book of her own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising, marketing, and social media, she finally wrote Catching London in 2017.


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[Release Blitz & Giveaway]: Miss Not Together by Belle Brooks

Title: Miss Not Together

Author: Belle Brooks

Genre: YA/Romance/Humor

Release Date: February 10, 2019




Meet Hilary Watts: pretty, straight A-student, teachers’ pet, goody two-shoes, totally has it all together—and has never been kissed, or even had a boyfriend for that matter.



Meet Grayson Dymicks: badarse persona, new guy in school, just moved in next door, volatile—and a total jerk.



When Hilary finds herself attracted to the very person she shouldn’t be, she never imagines all her well-placed Jenga blocks will come crashing down—or that her first ever kiss will be with a boy every girl in school wants for themselves.



Hilary’s life is turned upside down and she realises she’s not as put together as she thought. Instead, she’s as totally messed up as all the other teenage girls her age—but is this a romance destined for a happily ever after or a broken heart?



If you love Beth Reekles and John Green, then you will adore Miss Not Together!







United Indie Book Blog – “Super sweet coming of age novel.”


Sheena – “The ordinary made extraordinary….”

PP’s Bookshelf – “It was hilarious. It was witty and full of sarcasm. It had all the awkward and cute moments of teenage love. Miss Not Together by Belle Brooks was like cool breeze in a warm summer day. I am in love with this sweet romantic story of Grayson and Hilary”




Born in Australia, Belle Brooks has always had a passion for books and creative writing. She loves exploring the different ways stories can be told through the use of text and in-depth characters. Since she was a child her strong talent and interest in creative writing was evident, explaining that her favourite class in school was English. Despite her love for all things books, she decided the world of advertising and marketing was where she could put her talents to use in the business realm, well that is until now. Belle enjoys creative writing and creating fictional stories that leave a valued message inside the pages.







[RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ] – Black Light: Celebrity Roulette Anthology


Title: Black Light: Celebrity Roulette
Authors: Livia Grant, Jennifer Bene, Dani René,

Lesley Clark, Maren Smith, Measha Stone,

Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, & Maggie Ryan

Publisher: Black Collar Press


Genre: BDSM Romance/Erotica
Release Date: February 7, 2019
How high would you bid for a fantasy night with your
celebrity crush?
Black Light is back for the 3rd year in a row with nine *brand new* sexy
stories set in their new West Coast club! This year you’re invited to celebrate
Valentine’s Day VIP-style as Black Light combines their annual kinky game of
BDSM roulette with a celebrity charity auction. Three hours of fun. Five hard
We’ve loaded the wheel with naughty new kinks for our couples as they play to
win a free month at the exclusive club… but there’s more than money on the
line when hearts get involved.
Drama, fame, and fantasies await if you’re brave enough to spin the wheel!

Publisher’s Note: If you’ve checked out the previous Valentine Roulette
anthologies, then you already know the high stakes for these daring couples. If
you haven’t spun the wheel with us yet, what are you waiting for? Each set is
full of completely new, edgy, stand-alone BDSM romance stories! Dive in and
enjoy this one of a kind anthology, full of tempting dominance and tantalizing

Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Hooked by Jennifer Bene
Humor flashed in his eyes, a slight crinkling at the corners
before he nodded. “I think I understand.” His thumb stroked up and down the
column of her throat, but his grip never tightened, there was just a little
more… pressure. “You think because you’re in the ballet that you’re somehow
less than the other celebrities involved in the auction?”
“Well, they’re actual celebrities, so… there’s that.” A
quiet laugh almost escaped her lips, but then his grip really did tighten.
Higher on her throat now, just under her jaw, and he used the hold to tilt her
head back again until his face filled her view.
“Let me add on to your friend’s requirements. While we’re
playing tonight, you won’t refer to ballet, or yourself, in a negative way or
you’ll earn a punishment, and it will be one you don’t enjoy. Understood?”
“Yes, sir,” she whispered, practically breathless, but that
had a lot less to do with his relatively gentle hold on her throat and a lot
more to do with the arousal currently buzzing through her bloodstream and
concentrating the pulse between her thighs.
“Wonderful.” He removed his hand and smiled again. “Thank
you for your trust.”
“Trust?” she echoed.
“Yes. Not every sub will let you touch their throat like
that without proving yourself first, establishing the trust. I appreciate that
you gave me that on faith alone. You trusted that I would keep you safe, and I
swear that I will.” Wyatt’s smile changed a bit, widening into a grin that made
him seem a lot less serious, more… playful. “That doesn’t mean I won’t hurt
you, though. I admit that I’m looking forward to pulling some of those sweet
cries from your lips myself.”
And, boom.
The pulse between her thighs turned into an all-out fire,
which didn’t help the fact that she already felt too hot in the stifling room.
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[COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY ] – Breathing Wisteria by Amali Rose



Title: Breathing Wisteria

Series: Fleurs d’amour #4

Author: Amali Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult

Cover Design: Judi Perkins,

Concierge Literary Designs & Photography

Release Date: March 8, 2019
True love can kiss Wyatt Monroe’s ass.
Life turned her into a realist years ago when she lost
everything she truly loved.
Wyatt knows there is no happily ever after for her. No white
knight coming to her rescue and that’s perfectly fine. She is more than capable
of saving herself.
Enter Flynn Maguire. He’s been running from his demons for a
decade, hiding in plain sight and determined to forget. No longer able to live
the lie, he hunts down the woman he destroyed in a misguided effort to save
Wyatt is determined never to repeat the past. Flynn is
determined to reclaim the life that should have been his. But determination
will only get you so far, and when the glare of public opinion viciously shines
on their past, they can either stand united or fall divided.

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99c for a limited time!!
Ten Years Earlier
My nostrils twitch as the subtle acrid smell hits them and a
sliver of unease curls itself around my consciousness.
The club is crowded, and I’m jostled carelessly between a
sea of sweaty bodies. My hand instinctively finds my belly and I internally
curse Flynn for convincing me to come tonight.
I crane my neck, searching for the source of the putrid
smell, but I can barely see past the people surrounding me. Their clammy skin
pressing against my own combined with their loud voices ringing in my ear, the
atmosphere practically suffocates me.
My breathing begins to quicken. Short, shallow breaths that
I have to fight to get into my lungs, heighten my anxiety and the mild
apprehension I was feeling morphs quickly into full-blown dread that thrashes
violently through my veins.
Closing my eyes, I try to block out the crowd around me and
concentrate on Flynn’s voice, which floats above the cheers and catcalls. My
vision is blocked from my position over here, along the side of the room where
I, wrongly, assumed I could avoid the crush of the congested dance floor.
That’s when it happens.
With my eyes squeezed shut, one hand pressed against my
hammering chest and the other curled protectively over my stomach. My brain
shuts down, focusing only on the voice of the man I love, singing the song he
wrote about us. About cherry Chapstick and cheap beer.
The moment my life was forever changed.
One word screamed.
Hundreds of bodies pushing, fighting each other, chased by
the cruel heat and wicked burn.
I’m shoved forcefully up against the wall as people lose all
sense of decency in their own fight for safety. My eyes flicker to my left and
I see the orange flames dancing with the plumes of black smoke above the stage.
My heart sinks and I unconsciously begin fighting against the crowd. Sweat
prickles along every inch of my skin and I fight every instinct in me as I try
to make my way toward Flynn.
A tall guy stops right in front of me, his face is panicked,
and I can see a fear in his eyes that I know is echoed in my own. He bends down
and grabs my shoulders, his fingertips digging in painfully. “Go the other
way!” he screams in my face, his spit coating me. Shaking my head, I push past
him and hear him mutter, “Stupid bitch.”
The pungent smoke has filled the room and as my lungs
struggle to cope, screaming for fresh air, I become disoriented. I spin around,
my eyes burning while I attempt to gather my wits. But when a stray elbow
connects with my already aching temple, I lose my balance, falling to the
ground. And in a moment that I know will forever be imprinted on me, amidst the
cacophony of terrified screams, flailing bodies, and heart-wrenching terror, I
lose everything that I love.
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Amali Rose is an Australian author, and former blogger, who
released her debut novella in 2017.

A self confessed bookworm, her love affair with the written word began as a
child, with The Magic Faraway Tree. Her tastes have grown and evolved
over the years, and after stumbling into the indie community a few years ago,
she discovered her passion for romance with a side of smut.

When not reading or writing Amali enjoys baking, yoga, cheesy pop music &
netflix marathons; and believes strongly that pink, puppies and chocolate make
the world a better place!


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