Amnesia, a Psychological Thriller (Centrifuge Duet Book 1)


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Dr. Jaxon Ray has only ever wanted one woman. He’s loved her from afar since their Junior School days, worshipping the ground she walks on, intent on having her for his own when the time is right.

Amber St. George isn’t interested in the trappings that come with her family’s wealth. A simple life as a teacher at an under-privileged school, a comfortable home with her lover, and good friends; that’s all she desires.

Once Jax decides it’s time to take what’s his, Amber finds herself at the mercy of a madman. A sociopath with access to the latest neurological advancements, who possesses the ability to use her own mind to keep her captive. Programmed to forget. Reprogrammed as her captor’s perfect partner, Amber’s left with medically-induced amnesia and no idea that she’s in for the fight of her life.

When the people who know you’re missing aren’t on your side, and the love of your life has been led to believe that you’ve turned your back on him, is rescue possible? When you can’t remember the real you, is escape even on the cards?







Wow!!!  What a great quick Thriller read!

Dr. Jaxson Ray has known what he wanted from a very young age.  To combine the two families together to ensure world domination.

Amber St. George wakes up and realizes that her life will never be the same.  Her hair has been shaved and there is a huge scar on her head.  Flashbacks of her life start to come around yet when they do, she is immediately injected with another round of Dr. Jaxon Ray’s wonderful new drug.

The twist and turns in this story make it quite the page turner.  I can only hope that more is in the works as I need to find out what Amber has up her sleeve for her dear husband!!!


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