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Clay ran from his family, his career.
From every dream he ever had.
He ran until he crashed.
Andi escaped the screams, the fists.
The pain that knocked her down.
She ran until she was thrown.
Brought together by a world of darkness and deceit, all they have is each other.
Freedom is what they want.
Though it comes with a price.
Because the second they stop running, they’ll drown.


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Two lost people…Both on the run…Running for two different reasons. Can they escape and make a life of normalcy or will their pasts catch up with them?

Andi has been in an abusive relationship for years. Finally working up a plan to escape with the help from her best friend. Making it to the train station, boards the train and takes off to start her new life in a new state.

Clay is a star swimmer who got caught up in a scandal. Set up and left to hang all alone. Living his life on the run now. Working for cash as to not be traced on his whereabouts. Boards a train to visit his mother.

Has fate put these two people on the same train? What happens on this train ride will change their lives forever. Pulling these two lost people together. But can it last when they are both being hunted?

Does anyone ever successfully live a life on the run? Is it possible for these two to survive?


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