Long Drive


By: Jessica Florence

3.5-4.0 Stars


ARC – Release Date: Jan 9th

This is my first book to read by Jessica Florence. I have to admit, I believe this is the first book ever that revolves around a long distant trucker! I thought to myself, how is this going to work…only so much you can do in a truck, right? Jessica Florence did a great job building the story that took so many different ‘routes’.

Livia is tired of her current life… Just over it… Hops in her car and decides to travel. However, shortly into her venture, her car breaks down. While waiting for an estimate of how long it will be for her car to get fixed, she decides to see about paying a ‘trucker’ to let her ride with them for a month.

Killian the ‘trucker’ who accepts the challenge of letting a woman ride with him for a month… He has been through some pretty tough times himself and is really a loner now. Traveling from state to state delivering cars to their buyers.

This is a great story that has some pretty steamy sex scenes, hot alpha male and a quirky, chatty female. I would have loved to had more of their backgrounds revealed. More of the friendship between Killian and Joel…more on Livia and her family. In my opinion, adding these parts, would enhance the story even more.

Look forward to reading more from Jessica Florence!


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