The BEST book of the Year 🏆

                                  All The Ugly And Wonderful Things 

By Bryn Greenwood 

🏆 #2 in Goodreads Choice Awards 2016🏆





A Provocative and Evocative story that will remain with me forever.

It’s ultimately a tabboo , forbidden love story , that spans years. Valerie Quinn is a drug junkie, no polite way to put that. She married to a drug smuggler Liam Quinn and in between her fits of rage, and drug induced haze , she sometimes notices her children Wayvonna and Donnal. one day She rattles the small girl Wavy , so hard , while muzzling her mouth , trying to frenzy her trust and paranoy her outlook. that her brain rattles and shuts down and i cry for her lost innocence and stunted potential

It works! . The child is 3 for heavens sake!! She literally loses her speech, choosing to remain mute and untouched by people.

The journey of Wavy is charted in this story. A beautiful, angel who folds her wings to curl herself up and withdraw from the world. What kind of pain she must have gone through , i shudder to think that. Around the midwest belt, in the “Boonies” many people have lived in these kind of circumstances , sometimes dirt poor, surviving each day, sarrounded by desperation and destitution. They cannot remain untouched by criminality or domestic violence and kids see things which they should’nt and are forced to grow up pre maturely, shunting from trailer to trailer, taking care of their little ones and their junkie parents, and dealing with predators all around.

Wavy is no different , bouncing from her mother to father to aunt to grandmaa to cousins to child services. She cant stay at any place long enough to grow roots and find stability much needed for a child to blossom and nurture.

She doesnt talk or touch people….at all!

She doesnt eat and sleep…..for days !

She doesn’t own things or has desire to own anything …ever !

She doesnt belong anywhere or has desire to belong … Never!

She’s very perceptive and intelligent, sensing her mother’s changing moods and shielding Donnal and herself from her rants and rage . She senses Grandma , Aunt Brenda , and her cousins love yet choses to remain in her shell . Never opening a crack

Kellan Jesse Joe Junior.

A kindered soul. A soothing stable presence in Wavy’s life . It starts as a caring relationship, kellan looks out for her, drives her to and from school, paying her fees, speaking up for her , shielding her and that gives Wavy space to breathe !

” He speaks and leaves spaces in between for me. I hope to fill my words in there someday ”

safe in his presence and shadow, she grows…..up and closer to him. His quiet fortitude brings a sense of security and they lean on each other for comfort and love. Nobody bothers to notice them and soon love develops.

Now , here’s a bone of supposed contention. She’s 8 , he’s 20 . What SHOULD come across as paedophilic DOES NOT! It’s actually a soul connection that they share , like a Mud Vein so expertly explained by Tarryn .its a thread that runs in this world , connecting soulmates. And Kellan IS Wavy’s soulmate! The world around them is full of misery and hopelessness , yet they snatch quiet moments of love in simple things

Bike rides , a meadow with hay rustling around them, owls in cottonwoods, where they are hidden from prying ,judging eyes, lying under their stolid presence of stars – Ursa Major, Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, Cepheus ,Orion Belt . The stars help navigate them towards love. Their idyllic haven , lying on her Grandmas heirloom quilt, Wavy lies in the crook of Kellan’s arm, her head on his chest, her heartbeat one with his. Just silent and feeling….. Love !

The story is not without guilt, kellan has constant battle of wills. His heart and head are engaged in pepetual battle, head winning all the time. He DOES NOT let wavy kiss her or encourage lust from her , yet he cant abandon her fir morality yoo. Hses alone

You could argue that it’s his Rescuer Syndrome …..maybe . But the fact remains , not many people bothered to reach for wavy and protect her , and when Brenda actually did with best of intentions, Wavy didnt respond or reciprocate , so she solely sees Kellan through the fog and holds on to him

What I loved was that Wavy had like only a certain number of stipulated words for her day and she usually reserved her mono syllabellic answers for Donal. With kellan she doesnt need the spoken words, letting her eyes and heart telepath her thoughts and words to him. He Recieves and Responds!!!

THAT strengthens my belief in their love connection Bryn has tried to project in the story.

THAT displays the purity and sanctity of their relationship .

THAT steers their physical connection away from paedophilia to soul stirring

THAT is how a forbidden story is written !

(i’m literally crying hefty tears right now)

But as always , Man Proposes ; God Disposes. A horrible & tragic turn of events swoops in like a tornado and shatters the Town’s life. Scattering debris of lives around them, their delicate love thrown like wisps in the wind.

You can look the word Keening up in the dictionary , you will never understand the true meaning unless you’ve heard somebodys heart ripped out like Wavy’s . Her body rips open and her heart cries out to the heavens above like a howling injured animal , piercing and scaring the life out of Renee and the readers.

I cried non stop from 10pm to 2.30 pm and i’m crying writing this.

I know the age difference will bother some people questioning the morality and sensibility of the story. But -::

Define Love .

Define morality.

Define soul.

Define Beauty.

Define God.

I cant perfectly , but the glimpse of all these are here, in THIS story.

I’m lying on the tracks under the train I fell in love with

THAT just about sums up my sentiments for this Imperfectly Perfect Story !



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